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Atelocollagen coated β -TCP scaffold

Catalog No.: KOU-ACB-05S
Size: 10PC
Price: ¥38800
Storage: RT
Purpose: For osteogenic research
Bone remodeling studies (cell culture of osteoblast, osteoclast etc.)
Functional analyses of osteogenesis related factors (bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) etc.)
component: Two types of discs, honeycomb and flat are included (5 pieces each)
[Origin of collagen]
Atelocollagen derived from Bovine dermis


-calcium phosphate (-TCP) is generally used as bone prosthetic material due to its superior osteoconductive property. -TCP is coated with atelocollagen that shows high biocompatibility. Atelocollagen coated -TCP scaffold actsasa carrier for cell culture and transplant, and is suitable for in vitro /in vivo osteoinduction experiments using osteogenesis related factors.



SEM image of Atelocollagen coated -TCP scaffold surface.


Micrograph of cells inoculated on Atelocollagen coated -TCP scaffold (Living cell staining).


SEM image of cells inoculated on Atelocollagen coated -TCP scaffold.


MC3T3-E1 cells were inoculated on Atelocollagen coated -TCP scaffold (using MEMalfa including 10% FBS). Cell number (Fig. 1) and gene expression level of bone differentiation markers (Fig. 2) were analyzed.