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Anti Vpr (HIV-1) Antibody

Catalog No.: CAC-NCG-M01
Size: 50UL
[1 mg / mL]
Price: ¥35000
antigen/source: Vpr peptide
host: Mouse
Label: Unlabeled
Purity: Ig fraction - Protein G
Application: Western Blot
Flow Cytometry
Storage: -20C
Isotype: IgG2a
Clone: 8D1


Viral Protein R (Vpr), an accessory gene of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), encodes a virion-associated nuclear protein with a variety of biological functions. Forced expression of Vpr induces cell cycle abnormalities atthe G2/M phase, macrophage infection, apoptosis and nuclear transportation of the pre-integration complex. Vpr is a transacting factor, and exogenously added Vpr can also induce apoptosis. It has been reported that Vpr is present in blood and cerebrospinal fluids of HIV-1 positive patients and also proposed that Vpr is linked with functional abnormality of central nervous system of the patients.In recent years, it was reported that Vpr induces DNA double-strand breaks and activates ATM and H2AX.ATM is considered as a major physiological mediator of H2AX phosphorylation in response to DSB formation (lower panel). The focus formation of ATM phosphorylated at serine 1981 (ATM-p) and -H2AX was observed in cells with Vpr expression. In contrast, focus formation of these molecules was not observed in cells without Vpr expression (upper panel).
We commercialized Anti Vpr Monoclonal Antibody useful to the research of diagnosis technique and medical cure for HIV infection
[Features and Advantages]
Vpr is detected in blood specimen of about 40% HIV-positive by using this antibody(8D1).
Vpr in blood of HIV-positive is detected in a concentration of ng-g/mL (nM-pM).
This antibody(8D1) has not only application to western blotting, FACS, immunoprecipitation but also the neutralizing activity.
High-purity recombinant Vpr (rVpr) can be purified with 8D1 antibody affinity column chromatography