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Prorenin (open form) ELISA

Catalog No.: YII-YK260-EX
Size: 1KIT
Price: ¥98000
antigen/source: Prorenin (open form)
Storage: 4C
Immunogen: Human
Reacts with: Human
Measurement Range: 25-6000 pg / ml
Purpose: Measurement of Human Prorenin (open form) in plasma samples
component: Antibody: X
Plate: X
Coating: X
Control: -
Standard: X
Labeling: X
Substrate: X
Others: X
1. Antibody Coated Plate
2. Standard
3. HRP-Labeled Antibody
4. Buffer Solution A
5. Buffer Solution B
6. Concentrated Wash Solution
7. TMB Substrate
8. Reaction Stopping Solution
9. Adhesive Foil


 Applicable sample 
Human plasma
The FELINE Insulin ELISA test is an immunoassay designed for the quantitative determination of circulating insulin, a peptide hormone in serum/plasma samples of FELINE and related species. The test is intended for professional use as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of physiological/pathological conditions related to circulating Insulin.
Prorenin is the inactive proenzyme of renin, which is produced by cleavage of a 23 amino acids long signal peptide from preprorenin.
This ELISA kit specially recognized human prorenin (open form). The cross-reaction of human prorenin(closed form) and human renin is not observed with this assay system.
 Assay range 
[Kit Characteristics]
The kit quantitative range (linear): 25-6000pg/mL.
The assay running time: 5.5 h.
Maximum measurable samples: 41 in duplicate
Test sample (size): human plasma (50..L)
The kit can be used dividedly in strips.
Intra-assay %CV: 1.3-3.1
Inter-assay %CV: 2.7-4.2


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