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NF κ B decoy Oligonucleotides Kit

Catalog No.: GDS-DN-15103
Size: 2*1MG
Price: [DISCONTINUED] Sorry!! This product is not available anymore.
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p225
Storage: 4C
Purpose: NF- κ B decoy oligodeoxynucleotides
component: Each kit contains the specified oligo and a control oligo with an identical base composition but different sequence that does not bind NF- κ B. Phosphorotioate-modified kits are also offered. All oligos are purified by HPLC.


Painful inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and atopic dermatitis are currently treated primarily symptomatically, through the use of analgesics. Thus, there is a great need for novel therapeutics targeting the underlying inflammatory mechanisms. NF- κ B is an intensively studied transcription factor well known for its role in stimulating the production of inflammatory cytokines. Recently, NF- κ B decoy nucleic acids have gained considerable attention as potential therapeutics for inflammatory disease due to their ability to inhibit NF- κ B-mediated production of inflammatory cytokines, by preventing NF- κ B from binding to its native DNA binding sites. Preliminary studies with NF- κ B decoys indicate efficacy in reducing both pain and itch.
First generation NF- κ B decoy nucleic acid drugs were linear DNA duplexes. Such drugs suffered not only from poor cellular uptake, but also from serum half-life due to poor resistance to nucleases. Subsequently, a circular (ribbon) form of NF- κ B decoy was developed with improved nuclease resistance and significantly longer half-life.