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Ligation high Ver.2

Catalog No.: TYB-LGK-201
Size: 750UL
Price: ¥29400
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p209
Storage: -20C
Purpose: High-Efficient Ligation Reagent
component: Ligation high Ver.2 750ul x 1 vial (100 rxn)


The ligation reaction is an essential step in genetic recombination experiments. For this reaction, T4 DNA ligase has been widely used. Ligation high Ver.2 is a highly efficient premixed T4 Ligase reagent.
Highly efficient
Effective ligation of cohesive, blunt and A overhang DNA fragments can be achieved.
Ready to use
Just mix ligation high Ver.2 with an equal volume or with double the volume of the solution containing DNA fragments.
Will not freeze at -20C



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