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Thermo T7 RNA Polymerase ((TT7))

Catalog No.: TYB-TRL-201
Size: 1*7500UNIT
Price: ¥16100
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p210
Storage: -20C
Purpose: To create RNA proble of high indication. To create precursor for RNA splicing reaction. To create mRNA with Cap analog as a primer. To create mRNA for in vitro Translation
component: Thermo T7 RNA polymerase (50U/ ul)
10X Buffer


Thermo T7 RNA polymerase is a genetically modified T7 RNA polymerase exhibiting increased thermal stability. The optimum reaction temperature of this enzyme is around 50oC. The half-life of the enzyme at 50C is approximately 85 min.
Exhibits greater specific activity than WT-enzyme at 37-50C.
RNA probe preparation
RNA synthesis for in vitro translation
RNA synthesis for RNA splicing studies
Capped mRNA synthesis using a cap analogue


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