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Catalog No.: PTN-P-002-10
Size: 10ML
Price: ¥75000
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p107
Storage: 4C
Measurement Range: > 65mg human IgG / ml gel
Purpose: IgG Purification Tool Beyond Protein A and G
component: Highly cross-linked 4% agarose
[Paticle size] 45-165 um
[Ligand] Alkali-+tolerant variant of Protein A (Protein A-R28) (E.coli)
[Binding capacity (max)] > 65 mg human IgG / ml gel


Ab-Capcher™ is ProteoNova's patented ''Protein A-R28'' (Protein A variant) bound at high density to a supporting gel matrix offering many practical advantages for the routine purification of rat and mouse IgG including broader subclass specificity and high capacity binding.
Ab-Rapid PuRE™ is a specially designed syringe-type column unit prepacked with AbCapcher offering maximum convenience for Ig purification.
Ab-Rapid SPiN™ is a convenient spin column prepacked with Ab-Capcher.
Protein A-R28 is an alkali-tolerant IgG-binding protein derived from protein A, which is developed with ProteNova's patent technology. Protein A-R28 strongly binds to various species and subclasses of IgG, compared with Protein A and G. The coupling to resin (Ab-Capcher) provides an alkali-washable unique affinity medium with high binding capacity for immunoglobulin, which is useful for purification of human, rabbit, and mouse IgGs including mouse IgG1.Ab-Aapcher is alsouseful for immuno-precipitation experiments.
[Features and Advantages]
1, 5 times the binding capacity of Protein G
2, Labile antibodies can be bound at neutral pH
3, Low non-specific binding
4, IgG puirty >95%