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Chitosan Nanofiber Coated Culture ware : plate, 24 well plate

Catalog No.: HKS-HSP24
Size: 1PLATE
Price: ¥3800
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p273
Storage: RT
Purpose: For the primary culture, subculture and tissue culture
component: 24-well plate, 1 pc


This product is a cell culture ware that coats the Chitosan Nanofiber. Chitosan is a polysaccharide polymer produced by alkali processing (deacetylation) of chitin, which is natural material found in various living things such as shellfish (shrimp, crab), insects and mushrooms. Unique properties of Chitosan, such as biocompatibility and biodegradability, can be designed by controlling the molecular weight of Chitosan and the degree of deacetylation, conversion rate to the Chitosan.
One of distinguishing properties of Chitosan nanofiber is to become scaffolding material in cell culture. With Chitosan nanofiber, adhesiveness of cultured cell can be improved (compared to the culture in polystyrene plate or glass cover slip).
Chitosan nanofiber is hardly perishable and is an easy-to-use material for cell/tissue culture, compared to poly-L-lysine or collagen coated culture dish.








Cell culture on Chitosan Nanofiber coveslip: Schwann cell IM32 and primary mouse DRG (dispersed) were cultured on chitosan nanofiber. The affinity of cells to the aligned chitosan nanofiber was very good. Based on the evaluation of immunofluorescence assay, both schwann cells and neurite of DRG neuron almost grew in line with the axial direction of aligned nanofiber



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