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Aldosterone ELISA

Catalog No.: ENC-ERKO5002
Size: 1KIT
Price: ¥125000
antigen/source: Aldosterone
Description: standard: native
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p110
Storage: 4C & -20C
Immunogen: Sheep
Reacts with: Sheep
component: Antibody: N/A
Plate: N/A
Coating: N/A
Control: N/A
Standard: N/A
Labeling: N/A
Substrate: N/A
Others: N/A
1. Microtiter wells coated with Aldosterone specific antibody.
2. Enzyme labeled (HRP) Aldosterone solution, 12mL
3. Aldosterone Standards 1 Set ready to use, 0.5ml/vial(Contains 0, 10, 50,200,1000,5000,10,000 pg/ml)
4. TMB Color Reagent (One-step ready to use), 12 mL
5. Stop Solution (2N HCl), 6 mL
6. 20x Wash Buffer, 20 mL.
7. Sample diluent, 20mL
8. Instructions


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