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DNA Quantity Kit

Catalog No.: PMC-AK06-COS
Size: 1KIT
[200 tests]
Price: ¥37000
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p141
Storage: 4C
Purpose: Quantitative determination of DNA
component: Color Development Reagent (10 mL) x 1 bottle
Dilution Buffer (150 mL) x 2 bottles
DNA standard (100 g/mL)(2 mL) x 1 tube


The DNA Quantity Kit (Cat.No.PMC-AK06-COS) is designed to quantify DNA directly from cell culture. DNA
can b e quan tified without purification process from ce ll culture as Color De velopment Reage nt bind s to
cellular double stranded DNA and emits blue fluorescence at 458 nm.
[Preparation of Standard Curve]
1. Standard sample preparation
Dilute the stock DNA Standard (100 ug/mL) to 50, 25, 12.5 and 0 ug/mL with purified water.
Diluted sample standards can be stored frozen at -20C.
2. Transfer each 50 ul of standard sample to new tubes.
3. Add 1ml Dilution Buffer to each standard sample and mix well.
4. Add 50 ul of Color Development Regent to each tube.
5. Mix thoroughly.
6. Measure fluorescence. (Excitation wavelength at 356nm, emission wavelength at 458nm)
[Sample Analysis (24well plate format)]
1. Remove culture medium and rinse the culture plate with Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS).
2. Remove PBS and add 500 ul of dilution buffer to each well.
3. Sonicate cells until completely homogenated.
4. Transfer 50 ul of homogenate sample to new tube.
5. Add 1ml of Dilution Buffer to each tube and mix well.
6. Add 50 ul of Color Developer to each tube.
7.Mix thoroughly.
8. Measure fluorescence. (Excitation wavelength at 356nm, emission wavelength at 458nm)




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