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Anti Versican (2B3) Antibody

Catalog No.: CAC-PRPG-VS-M03
Size: 2ML
Price: ¥50000
antigen/source: Versican / CSPG2
host: Mouse
Label: Unlabeled
Purity: Supernatant
Application: Western Blot
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Storage: -20C
Immunogen: Human
Isotype: IgM
Clone: 2B3
Reacts with: Human
Shape: Liquid


 Background :
Versican, the product of the VCAN/CSPG2 gene, is a large extracellular matrix chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan ubiquitously expressed in interstitial matrices of the human body, including brain ECM [1-4]. It was first isolated from
bovine aorta [5, 6] and later on isolated from the chick embryo [7]. Cloning of the human VCAN/CSPG2 gene was accomplished in 1989 by D. Zimmermann and E. Ruoslahti [8], who also cognated the name versican in recognition of its versatile modular structure.
[Immunogen ]
Versican-enriched proteoglycan preparation from bovine aorta
 Cross reactivity :
Human, Bovine
Other species have not been tested
 Application :
E Western blotting, 1/20 - 1/60*
E Immunohistochemistry, 1/20 - 1/40 (Paraffin sections)
E ELISA, 1/50 - 1/150
Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.



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