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BINKIT® for NK cells expansion from PBMCs

Catalog No.: BIJ-N501-1
Size: 1KIT
Price: ¥176000
Storage: 4C
Purpose: For culture of NK cells
component: NK Cell Initial Flask
NK Cell Initial Medium
NK Cell Initial Cock
NK Cell Subculture Medium
[Other supplies required]
Ficoll-Paque (GE Healthcare, Sweden)
Sterile PBS
FBS or autologous plasma (It is desirable to be heat-inactivated at 56C for 30 minutes.)
Sterile conical centrifuge tubes


[Product Features]
Natural killer (NK) cells can be expanded from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) without using feeder cells.
NK cells can be expanded several hundred to several thousand-fold by 2 - 3 weeks of culture.
One kitis sufficient to expand NK cells from 20 - 50 ml of whole blood.
Notification: This product requires 5-6 weeks until shipment.






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