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Anti Ginsenoside Rb1 Antibody

Catalog No.: CAC-KYU-HT-M003
Size: 100UL
Price: ¥50000
antigen/source: Ginsenoside Rb1
host: Mouse
Description: Serum free culture supernatant
Label: Unlabeled
Purity: Ig fraction - Protein G
Application: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Storage: -20C
Isotype: IgGƒÈ
Clone: 9G7
Reacts with: -
Shape: Liquid


Ginsenoside Rb1 is a saponin isolated from Panax ginseng.


1) Tanaka H. et al., Formation of monoclonal antibody against a major ginseng component, ginsenoside Rb1 and its characterization, Cytotechnology, 29,115, 1999. PMID:22359060 2) Fukuda N, Tanaka H, Shoyama Y., Double staining of ginsenosides byWestern blotting using anti-ginsenoside Rb1 and Rg1 monoclonal antibodies. Biol Pharm Bull. 2001 Oct;24(10):1157-60. PMID:11642323