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Human Collagen type I, ELISA kit (with pepsin)

Catalog No.: ACE-EC1-E205-EX
Size: 1SET
Price: ¥95000
antigen/source: Collagen type 1
Description: Standard: Native
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p110
Storage: 4C
Immunogen: Human
Reacts with: Human
Sensitive: 0.02 ug / ml
Measurement Range: 0.02 - 40 ug/ml
Purpose: Type 1 collagen is the most abundant protein in connective tissues, especially in tendon, skin and bone. This kit is designed to quantify collagen in various sources such as cell media, ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) of culture cells and tissues because the kit detects atelo-collagen which is prepared by pepsin digestion.
component: Antibody: X
Plate: X
Coating: X
Control: -
Standard: X
Labeling: X
Substrate: X
Others: X
1. Collagen coated microtiter plate 96 wells, 12 strips
2. Collagen standard 0.5mL
3. Biotinylated anti-collagen antibody concentrate 0.8mL
4. Avidin-HRP conjugate concentrate 0.07mL
5. Diluent A 10mL
6. Diluent B 10mL
7. Wash buffer concentrate(10X concentrated) 50mL
8. TMB substrate 7mL
9. Stop solution mL
10. Plate seal 1 sheets
11. Pepsin (powder) 500mg


 Applicable sample 
cell media, ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) of culture cell, tissue
Short assay time (2 hours 15 minutes).
Collagen pre-coated microtiter-plate.
Simultaneous assay of many samples (Assay maximum is 40 samples per 1 kit in duplicate).
o need of special machines and equipments because of non-isotope assay.
Partitional use because of split type (8 wells/strip).