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Basic medium for porcine oocyte maturation

Catalog No.: CSR-CK021
Size: 3*25ML
Price: ¥16000
Storage: 4C
Purpose: To mature porcine oocytes
component: POM Compsition: Mineral salts, Sugars, Sodium bicarbonate, Amino acids, Hypotaurine, polyvinyl alcohol , etc.


This is a modification medium which added polyvinyl alcohol to the original medium for porcine oocyte maturation (POM) (Yoshioka et al. 1)) and is a complete synthetic basic medium for oocyte maturation. This medium effectively supports porcine oocyte maturation under a low oxygen condition (5%O2/5%CO2/90%N2, 39C).
Please add 10 IU /mL equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) + 10 IU /mL human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to the POM medium during porcineoocyte maturation culture. There is no need to add porcine follicular fluid.


•  Yoshioka. K, Suzuki. C, Onishi. A: J. Reprod. Dev., 54: 208-213, 2008.