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EXPREP MSC Medium (Serum free)

Catalog No.: SEE-MS-S0001
Size: 500ML
Price: [DISCONTINUED] Sorry!! This product is not available anymore.
Storage: -20C
Purpose: High cell proliferation ability in a serum-free culture medium


EXPREP™ MSC Medium enables culturing of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) in a serum-free condition. MSCs cultured by EXPREP™ show adherent proliferation without the use of coated plastic culture dish and they can be induced to differentiate to lipocytes, osteoblasts and chondroblasts. MSCs have been confirmed to show positive expression of cell surface markers such as CD73, CD90 and CD105, and negative expression of CD31, CD34, CD45 and HLA-DR.
EXPREP™ is a specific medium for MSC without any animal serum and serum-derived components.
Osmotic pressure, pH, abacterial, mycoplasma infection, endotoxin determination have been quantitatively tested.
Has higher cell proliferation ability compared to DMEM + 10% FBS culture medium.
Ready to use (contains gentamicin sulfate)
Easy to incubate with after culturing serum medium cells
No special coating to culture dishes are required.