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Collagen Glycation Assay Kit, Glyceraldehyde

Catalog No.: PMC-AK71-COS
Size: 1KIT
Price: ¥54000
Storage: 4C
Purpose: For rapid detection of fluorescent AGEs and inhibition assay for glycation of collagen by glyceraldehyde.
component: Collagen Acidic Solution, 5 mL
Neutralizing Solution, 5 mL
Glyceraldehyde Solution(500 mM), 2 mL
Sample Dilution Buffer 30 mL
Aminoguanidine Solution(20 mM): Positive control, 0.5 mL
* One kit contains regents for 192 assays (96 well Plate)
* Additional materials required
- 96well black plate(clear bottom、sterile)
Greiner [μCLEAR−PLATE BLACK Cat.No.655090] is recommended.
- Fluorescent microplate reader
(Mode: Fluorescence Bottom Reading, Excitation Wavelength: 370nm, Emission Wavelength: 440nm)


The non-enzymatic reaction of reducing carbohydrates with lysine or arginine side chains and N-terminal amino groups of macromolecules (proteins, phospholipids and nucleic acids) is called the Maillard reaction or glycation. Theproducts of this process, termed advanced glycation end products (AGEs), adversely affect the functional properties of proteins. Many AGEs have fluorescent and convalent cross-linking properties. Accumulation of AGEs has been thought to play an important role in the pathogenesis of diabetic patients as well as the aging process.
Recent studies have suggested that AGEs can arise not only from sugars but also from carbonyl compounds derived from the autoxidation of sugars and other metabolic pathways. Among different AGEs, there is evidence that glyceraldehyde -derived AGEs are associated with such cytotoxcity.
Collagen Anti-glycation Assay Kit, Glyceraldehyde provides rapid detection of fluorescent AGEs and inhibition assay forglycation of collagen by glyceraldehyde. This kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 192 assays.
Collagen Anti-glycation Assay Kit, Glyceraldehyde is a complete assay system designed to measure the fluorescent AGEs usingthe fluorescence microplate reader equipped with a 370nm excitation filter and 440nm emission filter.


The following figure demonstrates Collagen Anti-glycation Assay Kit ver.2: Glyceraldehyde results that inhibitory effects of aminoguanidin, Houttuynia cordata extraction, and Asparagus extraction on collagen glycation.



Possible routes of the advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) formation


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