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Macrokiller V300

Catalog No.: PMC-MKV300-COS
Size: 1SET
Price: ¥42000
Storage: 4C DNF
Purpose: Useful for researching diseases such as allergy, Alzheimer's disease and cancer, by inhibiting macrophage activity.
component: [Macrokiller V300]
Amount:1 mL /vial
Quantity:1 vial
Stability:1 year
[Empty liposomes for control]
Amount:1 mL /vial
Quantity:1 vial
Stability:1 year


 Protocol  (Application Example)
For the primary rat microglia
1) Culture primary rat microglia as 1~10e3 cells/well in 96 well plate.
2) Incubate for 24 hours at CO2 5%, 37C.
3) After removing supernatant, add 0.3, 1.0, 2.0 mM clodronicacid (make Macrokiller V300 in culture medium to 1/136, 1/41, 1/20 dilutions respectively).
Add empty liposomes as a control in Description Amount Quantity Storage Conditions Stability Macrokiller V300
1 mL /vial 1 vial 4C 1 year Emptyliposomes for control Macrokiller V300 Cat#: PMC-MKV300-COS 2/4 Version#: 20140403 the same manner.
4) Incubate for 1 hour at CO2 5%, 37C.
5) After removing supernatant, add 200 L culture medium heated to 37C. Repeat supernatant removal.
6) Afteradding 100 (mu)L culture medium heated to 37C, incubate for 48 hours at CO2 5%, 37C.
7) Measure cell viability by the XTT assay (See example of results shown in figure >).
1. Avoid oxidization of liposomes(i.e. Tightly close thevial cap each time opened.)
2. Do NOT freeze. The freezing process destroys liposome structure.
3. Microscopic observation of cells will NOT be possible due to resulting cloudiness by the addition of liposomes.


Figure 1 Cytocidal effect of Macrokiller V300 against primary rat microglia. Dose-dependent cytocidal effect of Macrokiller V300 against primary rat microglia. A cell viability determined by the XTT assay after 48 hours treated with Macrokiller V300.