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Anti HBs, S-protein Antibody

Catalog No.: BEC-BCL-ABPS-01
Size: 100UG
Price: ¥30000
antigen/source: HBs, S-protein
host: Rabbit
Purity: Ig fraction - Protein A
Application: Western Blot
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Storage: -20C
Shape: Liquid


The surface antigen of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is composed of Pre-S1, Pre-S2, and S domains. The longest surface antigen,
which has all the three domains, is called L protein, the middle sized antigen which has Pre-S2 and S domains,is called M protein,
and the smallest one conissted of S domain is called S protein. S protein is generally also called HBsAg. Pre-S1domian is known to
be the target molecule of HBV recptors expressed on human hepatic cell surface. On the otherhand, Pre-S2 domain is reportedly
related to HBV invasion into cells and carcinogenesis. Thus, Pre-S1 and Pre-S2 domains are becoming more and more important in
HBV research field.
The products are polyclonal antibodies raised in rabbits usingS-protein (so-called HBsAg). The antibody is good for western
blot or ELISA.
S-protein particle (HBsAg, subtype: adr)
ELISA, Western
[Recommended concentration]
0.5〜10μg/mL for both ELISA and Western.


Western blot M;Marker 1. Antibody: anti-Pre-S1(Code#: BCL-ABP1-01) Antigen: BNC-L(Code# BCL-AG01) 2. Antibody: anti-Pre-S2(Code#: BCL-ABP2-01) Antigen: BNC-L(Code# BCL-AG01) 3. Antibody: anti-S antigen(Code#: BCL-ABPS-01) Antigen: BNC-XT(Code# BCL-AGX02) Note: Two bands are seen in figures using either HBsAg-L or HBsAg-XT proteins as antigens. The upper band indicates dimer and the lower monomer.


ELISA condition Capture IgG: anti-S antibody (polyclonal, Code# BCL-ABPS-01) :3μg/mL Diluted in carbonate buffer. Blocking: k-Block-e (Code#: BCL-BKHE-01) Detection IgG: anti-S antibody (HRP-labeled): 20 μg/mL Antigen HBsAg XT (Code#:BCL-AGX-02): concentration as indicated