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AteloGene® Local Use Quick Gelation

Catalog No.: KOU-1492
Size: 1KIT
[For 15 times of administration to mice]
Price: ¥81300
Storage: 4C DNF



Quick gelation at injection sites Comparison of gelation time with mouse subcutaneous tissue. AteloGeneR Local Use gQuick Gelationh (AteloGeneR QG) and AteloGeneR Local Use were mixed with siRNA respectively, and were observed for gelation after administration in mouse subcutaneous tissue. Compared with AteloGeneR Local Use, results for AteloGeneR QG showed a rapider gelation after administration.


Efficient Delivery Luciferase siRNA administration in a subcutaneous tumor model. AteloGeneR QG and AteloGeneR Local Use were mixed with Luciferase siRNA (Luc siRNA) respectively, and evaluated for the luminescence of Luciferase after administration in a Dual-luciferase expressed subcutaneous tumor model. Result with AteloGeneR QG showed higher inhibition of Luciferase gene expression than results compared to AteloGeneR Local Use.


Increased Volume Increased number of administrations.