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i-MyRun. Series i-MyRun.P for Protein


i-MyRun.P Electrophoresis Migration Chamber for Protein

♦Unique wedge system holds gel plates easily and firmly.
♦Electrophoresis buffer on both sides of gel plates for excellent heat dissipation.
♦Requires only samll amount of buffer.
♦Movable slide plugs allow safely and easily replaced.
♦Highly visible wells enable easy sample loading

i-MyRun.P Electrophoresis System for Protein

Wedge System holds gel firmly.
Movable slide plugs allows for simple set-up.
Double-sideded electrophoresis buffer optimizes heat radiation.
Highly visible wells enable easy sample loading.

Remote control can be easily operated in your hand.

Constant voltage control with 2 sets of terminals.
Precise and durable circuit design.


i-MyRun.P for Protein Part No.: CBJ-IMR-006-EX
i-MyRun Power Supply Part No.: CBJ-IMR-201-EX
Electrophoresis Migration Chamber for i-MyRun.P Part No.: CBJ-IMR-303111
Electrophoresis Migration Chamber Specifications
Electrophoresis Migration Chamber for i-MyRun.P(Part No.: IMR-303111)
Elertrophoresis Migration Chamber format PAGE Mini (precast gel) is supported.
Number of wells 13 and 17 wells
Migration distance 7.5 cm
Sample loading size 0 - 25 ug (13 wells), 10 - 15 ug (17 wells)
HxWxD 150 x 80 x 180 (mm)




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i-MyRun.P Electrophoresis System for Protein ,


1 UNIT ¥70,000

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Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

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1 SET campaign price
¥36,000 ¥45000

Acrylic plate for DPE-1020 ,


1 SET ¥1,000

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