Even staining, high sensitivity detection,low background, high contrast bands




For detection of proteins and nucleic acids migration by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, silver staining is now being highlighted as a sensitive staining method.
However the original silver staining method is not necessarily easy to work and takes long-time.
2D-SILVER STAIN-II is an improved reagent kit developed to provide simple and fast staining.


2D-SILVER STAIN-II is applicable to the detection of proteins and nucleic acids subjected to polyacrylamide and SDS-polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis.

Running Condition
ELoading bufferF Tris SDS
ESampleF PageRulerTM Prestained Protein Ladder #SM1811iFermentas UABj
EElectrode bufferF SDS-Tris-Glycine Electrode buffer
ERunning timeF30 mA constant current/sheetAAbout 50 min.
EDying Method: 2D-Silver Stain

Feature and Advantages

1) Rapid staining results in a short time after electrophoresis.
2) Staining with higher sensitivity
For proteins: 50 to 100 times more sensitive than CBB staining
For nucleic acids: 50 to 100 times more sensitive than EB staining
3) Simple preparation and simple operation.
4) No use of such materials as heavy metals controlled by regulations.
5) Capable of restaining CBB-stained gels. (Double-staining)
6) Staining process can be stopped any time during development for desired chromatic figures.


Regents Main ingredients Volume
1 Fixing Reagent Thiourea 100mLx1
2 Pretreatment reagent Dithiothreitol, Glutar-aldehyde, Thiourea 100mLx1
3 Staining Solution A Siver nitrate 100mLx1
4 Staining Solution B Ammonium hydroxide, Sodium hydroxide 100mLx1
5 Concentrated developer Citric acid, Folmaldehyde, Sodium hydroxide 100mLx1
6 Stopper Citric acid 100mLx1


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Product List

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2D-Silver Stain Reagent II [For 10 gels ] DataSheet ,


1 PACK ¥9,000
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