Excellent for sample grinding with 15 ml Falcon tube

Homogenizer pestles for 15 ml Falcon tube



Pestles for handy homogenizer system. These pestles fit Falcon 15 ml conical tubes perfectly, and are resusable with autoclave and chemicals due to material, PCTFE and/or PTFE.

Homogenizer pestle
(From above FT-1012A-EX, FT-2012A-EX, FT-2012S-EX)

Handy Homogenizer flyer download [PDF]


These homogenizer pestles are great for protein and nucleic acid extractions.

Feature and Advantages

- Ultra hard PCTFE polymer tips insure smooth grinding surface, long life, heat and chemical resistance

- Fully autoclavable

- Perfect fit for 15 ml Falcon tubes


Catalog No. Shaft diameter/Material Pestle diameter/Material Full length Electromotion mixer 23M-R25 compatible*
ISO-FT-1012A 5 mm/PCTFE 12 mm/PTFE 15 cm yes
ISO-FT-2012A 5 mm/PCTFE 12 mm/PCTFE 15 cm yes
ISO-FT-2012S 4 mm/stainless steel 12 mm/PCTFE 25 cm manual only

*For these homogenizer pestles, high-level torque type 23M-R25 mixer (Cat#ISO-23M-R25) is recommended to use (sell separately).

**Recommended sample volume is 5 ml or less. 

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Homogenizer For 15ml tube, Unlabeled


2 PC ¥23,000

Homogenizer For 15ml tube ,


2 PC ¥23,000

Homogenizer For 15ml tube ,


2 PC ¥20,000

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