Best for Immunostaining. Applicable to use extensive immunostaining procedures.

Multi-Purpose Incubation Chamber



♦The chamber interior can be observed at all times.
♦Dark orange color reduces transmission of infrared light, making it suitable for fluorescent antibody techniques.
♦Heat and cold stable. Use in refrigerator or incubator (-20 to + 45 ºC).
♦The incubation chambers are thin and strong for stacking without collapsing.
♦Chamber interior can be easily removed and cleaned.
♦Two sizes: for 20 or 10 standard slides.
♦The position of the slide glass can be shifted.
♦The use of high-quality rubber packing maintains proper humidity, making the chamber excellent for long-term storage.
♦Resistant to solvents and acids such as alcohol and hydrochloric acid.
♦Suitable as a reaction box for immunoprecipitation in agar gel (Ouchterlony methods) or immunoelectrophoresis.
♦Convenient for staining blood smear samples or cytodiagnosis samples.

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Useful for all kinds of immunostaining procedures, including fluorescent antibody and enzyme-linked antibody techniques.

Large (for 20 sheets) 345x195x48mm
Small (for 10 sheets) 195x172x48mm

Incubation Chamber Sheets
Spreading out a sheet provides a black background that makes samples easy to view.
The sheets are highly water absorbent. If a sheet gets dirty, it can be replaced quickly and easily.

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Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Incubation Chamber for 10 slides Cool Gray DataSheet ,


1 BOX ¥10,000

Incubation Chamber for 10 slides Dark Orange DataSheet ,


1 BOX ¥10,000

Incubation Chamber for 20 slides Cool Gray DataSheet ,


1 BOX ¥15,000

Incubation Chamber for 20 slides Dark Orange DataSheet ,


1 BOX ¥15,000
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