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Alginate Culture Kit Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q     What are the molecular weight, viscosity, and concentration of the Sodium alginate solution?
A     Unfortuantely, this information is not available to public.
Q     Please tell me the composition of the products (Approximate % ranges), This information is required for compliance purpose.
Sodium alginate solution
Calcium chloride solution
Sodium citrate solution
A     We are afraid to say, but we cannot inform you the information because the information are confidential.
Q     Regarding, QC check, are there any Specific assays carried out to check the quality of the kit?
A     We conducts two QC tests and you can check them in the CoA.
1. Colony Formation
Recognition of colony formation by HcpG2 cells in alginatic beads

2. Solubility of Alginate Beads
Solubilized with sodium citrate solution within 15min.
Q     Expiration date (period in days)
A     Expiration date (period in days)
The expire date is 2 years and 2 months after manufacturing.
Our current lot's expire date is 31st-March,2017.
Q     Can you provide me with a MSDS for the kit?
A     Since the product doesn't contain any dangerous or poisonous materials, we do not have a MSDS prepared for this product.
Q     I know that the components are sterilized. By which process are the kit components sterilized?
A     1) Sodium alginate solution (25 mL ×1 bottle, sterile)
2) Calcium chloride solution (100 mL ×2 bottles, sterile)
3) Sodium citrate solution (100 mL ×1 bottle, sterile)
4) Plastic flexible needle (4 pieces, sterile)
5) 24-well plate (4 pieces, for suspension culture, sterile)
1)-3) Filter sterilization. These are filled up under the germfree condition into bottles with a cap which were sterilized by γ ray.
4) Autoclave sterilization. 5) Commercial Falcon plates (not opened) are attached.
Can you tell us the source of the sodium alginate for the Sodium alginate solution?

A     As you can see in the manual for the kit, the alginate which is an anionic polysaccharide derived from cell walls of brown algae.
Q     Is it possible to culture suspension cells (leukemia) with the kit? Do you have an established protocol for this situation?
A     We are sorry, we do not have experiment examples for suspension cells such as Lymphoma.
On the other hand, if you want to test the "Alginate 3D Cell Culture Kit", with
96-well plate, this might be possible. We have the experiment example in cartilage cell in 96well plate (U or V).
The culture will become three beads/well. When the bead is dissolved in 96well after the cell culture,
the cell will be able to be collected by centrifugation of the plate.
By the way, the suspension culture might be three-dimensional culture of the cell culture method.
If you worry about adhesion of the cells to the plate, our "Lipidure-Coat Plate" is very effective to
the culture of floating cells.
Q     What is the concentration of sodium alginate in the solution?
A     Unfortunately, the concentration is confidential information.
The sodium alginate solution is experimentally-optimized.

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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