Antibody to confirm stem cell quality

Anti KS [Keratan Sulfate] (R-10G)



Monoclonal antibody R-10G recognises Keratan Sulfate lacking oversulfated structures in oligosaccharide segments of@Keratan Sulfate glycosaminoglycan chains on hiPS cells.@Digestion with Keratanase II, Keratanase or Endo-β-galactosidase removes these epitopes from Keratan Sulfate proteoglycans. R-10G is useful as a potent tool for the evaluation and standardization of hiPS cells in regenerative medicine.

Pluripotent cell epitope on the polycadixin molecular structure


Fig.1 Screening of R-10G mAb by western blotting.
Tic cell lysates in the complete RIPA buffer were desolved by SDS-PAGE on a 4-15% gradient gel under nonreducing, followed by immunoblot detection with R-10G. A : GelCode* Blue staining of SDS-PAGE of the Tic cell lysates (10ug protein). B : Tic cell lysates were analyzed by western blotting with R-10G. The molecular mass markers are shown on the left.


Fig. 2. Localization of the R-10G and TRA-1-81 epitopes on cultured Tic cells visualized on laser confocal microscopy.
Tic cells cultured on Millicell* EZ slides were double-stained first with R-10G and Alexa Fluor 488-conjugated secondary (anti-mouse IgG1) antibody, followed by with TRA-1-81 and Alexa Fluor 555-conjugated secondary (anti-mouse IgM) antibody. Cells were observed at two different magnifications: ?~100 (upper panel) and ?~400 (lower panel). (I) Nomarski imaging. (II) Nuclear counterstaining with TO-PRO*-3. (III) Antigens for R-10G (green). (IV) Antigens for TRA-1-81 (conventional hiPS marker antibody) (red). (V) Merged image of (III) and (IV). (VI) Close-up view of V (?~400).


> Kawabe K, Tateyama D, Toyoda H, Kawasaki N, Hashii N, Nakao H, Matsumoto S, Nonaka M, Matsumura H, Hirose Y, Morita A, Katayama M, Sakuma M, Kawasaki N, Furue MK, and Kawasaki T (2013). A novel antibody for human-induced pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells recognizes a type of keratan sulfate lacking oversulfated structures. Glycobiology 23 (3), 322?336. PubMed: 23154990

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Anti Keratan Sulfate (R-10G), Human (Mouse)  DataSheet


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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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