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SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier) proteins are a family of small proteins that are covalently attached to and detached from other proteins in cells to modify their function. Unlike ubiquitination, which targets proteins for degradation, SUMO modification plays a critical role in a number of cellular functions including nucleocytoplasmic transport, gene expression, cell cycle and formation of subnuclear structures such as promyelocytic leukemia (PML) bodies. There are three confirmed SUMO isoforms in human; SUMO1, SUMO2 and SUMO3. SUMO2 /3 show a high degree of similarity to each other and are distinct from SUMO1. Individual SUMO family members are all targeted to different proteins with diverse biological functions. SUMO1 is conjugated to RanGAP, PML, p53 and IkB-a to regulate nuclear trafficking, formation of subnuclear structures, regulation of transcriptional activity and protein stability. SUMO1 is encoded as a 101 aa protein and first Met and C-terminal 4 aa are removed from the preprotein.

Feature and Advantages

Fig.1. Detection of SUMO-1 by Western blotting with the antibody 4D12. An 80kDa single and other multiple bands were observed in HeLa total cell extract. The 80 kDa band would be SUMO-RanGAP. Anti-SUMO-1 antibody 4D12 was used at 1 µg/ml.


Fig.2. Immunofluorescence staining of SUMO-1 with the antibody 4D12 in the mouse primary culture neurons. Left: Stained with anti-SUMO-1 antibody 4D12 at 10 µg/ml. Light: DNA was stained with Hoechst

Fig.3. SUMO1 colocalizes with SUMO-2/3 as revealed by indirect immunofluorescence staing of C-33A cells (human cervix carcinoma). Left: SUMO-1 was stained withanti-SUMO1 antibody (4D12) at 10 µg/ml. Middle: SUMO2/3 was stained with anti-SUMO2/3 antibody (3H12) at 10 µg/ml. Right: Merged image


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