Serum Free Medium for animal cell culturing. Intended for suspension cells (hybridoma and CHO Cells, etc.)

ASF Medium 104N


Medium for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Animal Cell Culturing

ASF Medium 104N is a serum-free medium that is characterized by "notable proliferation" and a "high matter productivity," as well as by its exclusive use of established components involving no "components of animal origin." Because it can avoid contamination with substances derived from the living bodies of animals, ASF Medium 104N can be used with a sense of security as a medium for pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Description Volume Applications Features
ASF Mdedium 104N 2L Intended for suspended cells (hybridoma and CHO, etc.) Contains no animal components
(Intended for pharmaceutical manufacturing)
ASF Medium 103 10L Intended for suspended cells (hybridoma and CHO, etc.) Contains albumin
ASF Medium 104 2L Intended for suspended cells (hybridoma and CHO, etc.) Contains no albuin
(Intended for proliferation)
ASF Medium 301 10L Intended for adherent cells Contain EGF
(Intended for proliferation)

Feature and Advantages

 1  Serum-free medium using
no animal components.
   ASF Medium 104N contains no components of
animal origin and maintains the high level of matter
productivity that the conventional ASF Medium 104
provides. It can be used as an assured medium for
pharmaceutical manufacturing.
 2  Notable proliferation is
guaranteed for hybrydoma,
CHO cells, etc.
   ASF Medium 104N provides favorable proliferation
comparable to serum mediums, for hybridoma and
CHO cells that are often used in pharmaceutical
 3  A high productivity of
antibodies with hybridoma,
CHO cells, etc.
   A high productivity, typically of monoclonal
antibodies, is achieved in every culture type from
flask scales to continuous mass-production culture
 4  Culture products are quite
easy to purify using only a
combination of established
   ASF Medium 104N, which is a mixture of established
components only, makes it easy to isolate and purify
biologically active substances that are produced in
the culture solution -- unlike serum medium into
which unestablished components are mixed.
 5  Autoclavable.    Heat sterilization by autoclaving can be applied
during the preparation phase.
* This product is made up of three components: base, buffer @and
additive. Of these, the base and buffer are autoclavable. The
additive is pre-sterilized.
 6  Consistent quality among
lots is guaranteed.
   The product is manufactured under strict quality
control, so consistent quality among different
lots is guaranteed. It is ready for heavy demand
in such applications as pharmaceutical

Package Variations for ASF Medium 104N

2L powder medium
Base (13.8 g x 2 pcs.) / Buffer (4.5 g x 2 pcs.) / Additive (freeze-dried vial: 0.54 g x 2 pcs.)
10L Powder medium
Base (138 g) / Buffer (45 g) / Additive (freeze-dried vial: 0.54 x 10 pcs.)


Preparation Method (using autoclaving)

1. This product allows you to prepare a total amount of 10L (2L) of the medium. It also allows for preparation in units of 1L as required.

2. Determine the required amount of base and dissolve it in purified water (the amount of purified water should be 1/2 of the medium to be prepared).

3. Dissolve the required amount of buffer in purified water in the same manner as for the base.

4. Autoclave the dissolved agents from steps (2) and (3) for 20 minutes each at a temperature of 121 ?C.

5. After cooling, mix them uniformly.

6. Dissolve the desired pieces of additive in part of the mixture from step (5) or in a small amount of sterile water (about 10 ml per piece of vial). Add the resulting mixture to (5), and then dilute and mix it uniformly all over.

7. Keep the prepared medium in cold storage.


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Serum free medium for albumin free type hybridoma cell and RITC578A animal cell culturing

Protein Composition

♦Transferrin (Human) 5mg/mL

♦Insulin(Bovine) 5mg/mL


Cell culture Example





Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

ASF Medium 104N ,


2 L N/A

ASF Medium 104N ,


10 L N/A

ASF Medium 104 ,


2 L ¥21,000

ASF Medium 104 ,


10 L ¥84,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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