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Anti DYKDDDDK tag polyclonal antibody



Epitope tagging has become a powerful tool for detection and purification of expressed proteins.Epitope tags are short peptide sequences that are easily recognized by tag-specific antibodies.Due to their small size, epitope tags do not affect the tagged protein’s biochemical properties.Most often sequences encoding the epitope tag are included with target DNA at the time of cloning to produce fusion proteins containing the epitope tag sequence. Anti-epitope tag antibodies are useful for identification, immunoprecipitation or immunoaffinity-purification of a recombinant protein.
This Anti DYKDDDDK tag polyclonal antibody was raised by immunizing a rabbit with the peptide DYKDDDDK conjugated to KLH.


1) Western blotting (dilution : 1/2,000 )

# Immunoprecipitation from cell lysate expressing FLAG-PRMT6 with 2 ul of this antiserum gave only a faint band at 40 kD position after western blotting.

Fig.1  Detection of FLAG-tagged protein by Western blotting.
    - : Lysate of 293T cells transfected with an empty vector
    + : Lysate of 293T cells transfected with the plasmid carrying the FLAG-tagged PRMT6 gene


1. Brizzard BL et al gImmunoaffinity purification of FLAG epitope-tagged bacterial alkaline phosphatase using a novel monoclonal antibody and peptide elution.h Bio Techniques 16: 730-735 (1994) PMID: 8024796

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