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Basic Culture Kit for Porcine Embryos in vitro


This is a basic culture kit for porcine embryos in vitro containing porcine oocyte/embryo collection medium (POE-CM), basic medium for porcine oocyte maturation (POM), porcine fertilization medium (PFM), defined medium for porcine embryos (PZM-5), dbcAMP concentrated solution-100X (dbcAMP-100X) and Reproplate. This kit can efficiently produce transferable embryos (blastocysts) under a low oxygen condition (5%O2/5%CO2/90%N2, 39Ž) without the coculture of cumulus/granulose cells.

Cumulus-oocyte complexes
just after the collection
  Denuded embryos   Blastocysts

Kit component

1) Porcine oocyte/embryo collection medium (POE-CM) Catalog No.: CK020, 100 ml x 3

2) Basic medium for porcine oocyte maturation (POM) Catalog No.: CK021, 25 ml x 2

3) Porcine fertilization medium (PFM) Catalog No.: CK023, 100 ml

4) Defined medium for porcine embryos (PZM-5) Catalog No.: CK024, 25 ml

5) dbcAMP concentrated solution-100X (dbcAMP-100X) Catalog No.: CK027, 0.3 ml

6) Reproplate, Catalog No.: CK028, 10 plates x 3

Necessary Equipments and Reagents

1) Sterile PBS (-) or saline solution (0.9%)

2) Equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG; 1,000 IU): Yell pharmaceutical co., Ltd. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG; 5,000 IU): Yell pharmaceutical co., Ltd.

3) Paraffin liquid reagent: Merk Chemicals (Cat. No.: 107162)

4) Percoll: GE Healthcare UK Ltd. (17-0891-02)

5) Sperm diluent for in vitro fertilization (SEM-5X): COSMO BIO Co., Ltd (Cat. No.: CK026)

6) Culture dish E35 mm culture dish: Greiner bio-one (627160) EPetri Dish: FALCON (1112)

7) Centrifuge tube (15 ml, 50 ml)

8) Disposable syringe (10 ml)

9) Syringe needle (18 G)

10) Pipette

11) Glass capillary pipette

12) Aspiration tube

13) Straw cutter

14) Hemacytometers, Thoma

15) Stereomicroscope

16) Multi-gas incubator

17) Clean bench

18) Centrifuge

19) Thermostat bath

20) Micro thermo plate

21) Vortex mixer


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> Suzuki C, Yoshioka K. Effects of amino acid supplements and replacement of polyvinyl alcohol with bovine serum albumin in porcine zygote medium. Reprod Fertil Dev 2006; 18: 789-795.
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> Yoshioka K, Suzuki C, Onishi A. Defined system for in vitro production of porcine embryos using asingle basic medium. J Reprod Dev 2008; 54: 208-213.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Basal culture kit for porcine embryos in vitro DataSheet ,


1 KIT ¥43,000

Porcine oocyte/embryo collection medium DataSheet ,


5*100 ML ¥10,000

Basic medium for porcine oocyte maturation DataSheet ,


3*25 ML ¥16,000

Porcine fertilization medium DataSheet ,


2*100 ML ¥20,000

Defined Medium for Porcine Embryos(PZM-5) DataSheet ,


3*25 ML ¥16,000

dbcAMP concentrated solution-100X DataSheet ,


0.5 ML ¥8,000

Reproplate DataSheet ,


10*10 PLATE ¥47,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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