Anti HBV Pre-S1 monoclonal antibody



Hepatitis B virus (HBV) expresses three types of surface antigens, i.e. S-, M-, and L-protein.  L-protein is composed of S-, Pre-S2, and Pre-S1 region. The deletion of Pre-S1 region forms M-protein, and further deletion of Pre-S2 region results in S-protein. The Pre-S1 region is known to be the hepatic cell recognition site and to be important in the HBV infection processes.
This product, anti HBV Pre-S1 antibody, is a monoclonal antibody that specifically recognize Pre-S1 region and can be used to detect HBV Pre-S1 region. This product provides useful tools in researches for HBV infection and other purposes


Western blotting, 50-200ng/ml
ELISA, 0.2ug/ml. –
–ELISA can be constructed by combination use of Anti HBV Pre-S1 antibody, mouse mono-2 (cat #: BCL-AB-002). As a positive control or the standard for the ELISA, HBsAg-Lprotein (cat# BCL-AG-001) can also be used.

Fig.1. Specificity of the antibody recognition
Among components of L-protein, only the PreS-1 region peptide was recognized. The HBsAg derived from human serum that does not contain L-protein was not recognized by the antibody

Fig.2. Western Blotting for HBsAg, L-protein
Human derived HBsAg which contain L-protein was blotted and imunostained by this product, anti-Pre-S1 antibody mouse mono-1. Two positive bands were detected in about 42KDa which correspond to L-protein. The doublet signal is due to the difference of glycosylation of L-proteins

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti Pre-S1,mono-1, Mouse (Mouse) Unlabeled


100 UG ¥30,000

Anti Pre-S1,mono-2, Mouse (Mouse) Unlabeled


100 UG ¥100,000

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