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This kit enables to explore the human hepatic cell recognizing activity of HBsAg and the HBV infectivity by determining Pre-S1 antigens.

HBs Pre-S1 Quantitative Kit, high sensitivity



HBsAg is the surface antigen of Hepatiis B virus (HBV). HB‚“Ag is known to be present in blood in HBV infected patients, and is used as an important diagnostic maker of HBV infection. HBsAg forms a small lipid particle idiameter 50 to 60nmj for which many antigen proteins are present. Each antigen protein has three domains, called S, Pre-S1 and Pre-S2. L-type antigen contains all the three domains, M-type antigen contains Sand Pre-S2, and S-type antigen consisted of only S-domains. During the process of HBV infection, Pre-S1 domain plays a key role for host (haptic) cell recognition, and Pre-S2 domain is essential for cell penetration. In infected patients, hepatic cells produces a lot of non-infectious Stype HBsAg (HBV mimetics without genome). The detection of serum Pre-S2 and Pre-S1 antigen is, therefore, very important to reveal the mechanism of HBV infection. We now supply these HBsAg-related products.

Feature and Advantages

♦ The world only one detection system for Pre-S1 antigen of HBV
♦ Determination of Pre-S1 activity in human serum possible
♦ High sensitivity (range : 0.2 - 10 nUnit/mL)*

*:1 nUnit is defined as the Pre-S1 activity possessed by 1ng of standard antigen provided to the kit.


The key components of the kit are two anti-Pre-S1 mouse monoclonal antibodies and Pre-S1 antigen. So-called sandwich system is employed, where antibody A captures the antigen on the microplate surface, and the captured antigen is detected by another antibody, antibody B which is labeled with HRP. Finally the amount of HRP attached was determined using chromatic substrate.

< Approximate time required for an assay >
1) IgG coating: 120 min (or overnight)
2) Plate blocking: 60 min (or overnight)
3) Reaction with capture IgG: Overnight
4) Reaction with detection IgG: 120 min
5) Chromatic reaction : 20 min

Example of standard curve

Kit Contents

1 Capture IgG (anti-Pre-S1): 120 μL (50 μL/96-well plate)
2 Detection IgG (HRP labeled, anti-Pre-S1) 25 μL (10 μL/96-well plate)
3 Standard antigen (lyophilized form, recombinant antigen) 30 μg/tube
4 Coating Buffer 25 mL (10 mL/96 well plate)
5 Blocking Agent 0.2g x 3 (powder, 0.2 g dissolved in 20 mL PBS is enough for 96-well plate)
6 Dilution solution for Detection IgG 25 mL (10 mL/96-well plate)
7 20 x PBS 25 mL
8 20 x PBS-T 25 mL
9 Chromogenic Reagent 25 mL (light shield)i10 mL/96-well platej
10 Stop Solution 15 mL
11 Microplates (96-wells, split type) two plates
12 User’s manual  
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HBV Pre-S1 Antigen Quantitative ELISA Kit (High Sensitivity), Human DataSheet



To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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