Anti CHD5 monoclonal antibody



CHD5 (chromodomain/helicase/DNA-binding protein 5) is a member of the CHD subfamily of chromatin remodeling Swi/Snf proteins, and has been recently identified as a tumor suppressor in a diverse range of human cancers.


Western blotting, 1/1,000 to 1/5,000
Immunocytochemistry, 1/100 to 1/500
Immunohistochemistry, 1/100 to 1/500

CAC_CE027A_1 CAC_CE027A_2
Fig.1 Immunofluorescence – CHD5 antibody (5A10)
(left) HeLa cell, (right) E12.5 mouse gut
Fig.2 Western blot - CHD5 antibody (5A10)

1. Yoshimura et al., (2010) Hybridoma, 1, 63-66.
This antibody is used in ref.1.

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Anti CHD5, Mouse (Rat)  DataSheet


100 UL N/A

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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