Anti Prohibitin2 (PHB2) monoclonal antibody



Prohibitin2 acts as a mediator of transcriptional repression by nuclear hormone receptors via recruitment of histone deacetylases. This protein functions as an estrogen receptor (ER)-selective coregulator that potentiates the inhibitory activities of antiestrogens and represses the activity of estrogens. It probably involves in regulating mitochondrial respiration activity and in aging.


Western blotting, 1/1,000 to 1/5,000
Immunocytochemistry, 1/100 to 1/500
Immunohistochemistry, 1/100 to 1/500


Fig.1 Immunocytochemistry/ Immunofluorescence - Prohibitin2(PHB2) antibody (7F8E3)
HeLa cells


Fig.2 Western blot -
Prohibitin2(PHB2) antibody (7F8E3)


1. Sun et al., (2011) CaMK IV phosphorylates prohibitin 2 and regulates prohibitin
2-mediated repression of MEF2 transcription. Cell Signal., 23, 1686-1690.

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