Antibody for modification of histone H3

Anti Histone H3 T32ph Monoclonal Antibody



Post-translation modifications of histones modulate the accessibility and transcriptional competence of specific chromatin regions within the eukaryotic genome. Phosphorylation of histone H3 is unique in the sense that it associates on one hand with open chromatin during gene activation and marks on the other hand highly condensed chromatin during mitosis.


E Western blotting: 1/500
E Immunocytochemistry: 1/500

Other applications have not been tested.
Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

CAC_CE036A_2 M: Add Nozodazole.
I: After 12 hours from released Nocodazole.
(Whole cell extracts) 
CAC_CE036A_3 -: Before UV irradiation
+: After UV irradiation (100J/m2, 2 hours)
(Choromatin fractions) 

Western blot analysis of the treated-cell extracts using Histone H3 T32ph antibody, 6C7G12.

Immunocytochemical analysis of eLa Cell using Histone H3 T32ph antibody, 6C7G12.
(left : interphase, right : metaphase).

The composition of Histone H3 peptides and the reactivity of Histone H3 T32ph antibody, 6C7G12.


H3.1 S28ph     
H3.1 T32ph
H3.3 S28ph
H3.3 T32ph
H3 T11ph 
21   ATKAARKS    APAT    GGVKKPH      39
21   ATKAARKSphAPAT    GGVKKPH       39
21   ATKAARKS    APATphGGVKKPH       39
21   ATKAARKS    APST    GGVKKPH      39
21   ATKAARKSphAPST    GGVKKPH       39
21   ATKAARKS    APSTphGGVKKPH       39

1) Strahl and Allis, (2000) Nature 403, 41-45.

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Anti Histone H3 T32ph, Human (Rat)  DataSheet


100 UL ¥58,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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