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  • i-MyRun. Series i-MyRun.N Special Edition for Nucleic Acid

A Compact Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

i-MyRun. Series i-MyRun.N Special Edition for Nucleic Acid


This product is a discontinued item.
New Version

i-MyRun.N Special (Cat. No. CBJ-IMR-001S-EX)

♦Slotted migration Chamber lid allows easy gel observation and provides optimal heat dissipation.
♦One-touch connectors for easy set up between power supply and migration Chamber.
♦Magnetic safety-switch prevents current flow if lid not in plac.

i-MyRun.N Special Edition

i-MyRun Power Supply x1
Electrophoresis Tank for i-MyRun.N x2
Gel Casting System for i-MyRun.N x1
Gel Casting System for i-MyRun.NC x1
Support Guide for Minigel (L&S) x2

*Each component can be purchased separately (Please refer to "Products List (Relative Products)").

Optimized heat dissipation and visibility

Easy to set up with one-touch connectors
Excellent safety and durability

Remote control can be easily operated in your hand

onstant voltage control with 2 sets of terminals
Precise and durable circuit design
Power Supply for i-MyRun.N&NC
(Cat.No.: CBJ-IMR-201-EX)


Electrophoresis Tank for i-MyRun.N (Cat.No.CBJ-IMR-301-EX)
Format High-throughput processing is supported. (94 samples can be analysed simultaneously)
Sample loading format 8-channel and 12-channel pipettes can be used.
Migration distance 1.8 cm or 2.75 cm for high-throughput processing.
Sample loading size 9μL (26 wells) or 18μL (13 wells)
External dimensions 150 (W) x 225 (L) x 67 (H) mm

Electrophoresis Tank for i-MyRun.N


Gel Casting System for i-MyRun.N (Cat.No.CBJ-IMR-401-EX)
Gel casting stand and gel casting tray 1 piece each
26 wells + 13 wells (top, bottom) comb 6pieces
Sample loading guide 1 plate
Gel size 124 (W) x 120 (L) mm
Sample loading volume 9μL for 26 wells, 18μL for 13 wells
Maximum number of samples to be loaded 26 wells x 6 lines = 156 samples
 Gel Casting System for i-MyRun.N

Well format supports multiple channels (26 wells or 13 wells)

Gel size /124 (W) x 120 (L) mm

Sammple loading guide (for multi-pipettes)

*Gel casting tray is mede of UV-transparent material.


Gel Casting System for i-MyRun.NC (Cat.No.CBJ-IMR-403-EX)
Gel casting stand 1 piece
gel casting tray (S) x 4 pieces, (L) x 2 pieces
comb 2 pieces
Gel size (S): 52 (W) x 60 (L) mm
(L): 107 (W) x 60 (L) mm
Comb TOP: 8 wells x 2 + 17 wells, Thickness 10 mm
Bottom: 12 wells x 2 + 25 wells, Thickness 1.5 mm
 Gel Casting System for i-MyRun.NC






This product is NOT certified for UL, CE marking.

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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