A Variety of cell lytic enzymes are available!

Cell Lytic Enzymes


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Yatalase™ Fungal Cell Lytic Enzymes
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Yatalase™ is Corynebacterium sp derived enzyme that lyses cell walls of filamentous fungi. It enables measurement of microbiomass of malted rice easily, and preparation of various DNA and intracellular enzymes.


Westase™ Yeast Cell Lytic Enzymes
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WestaseTM is a fungus derived enzymes preparation containing β-1, 6 glucanase and β-1, 3 glucanase activities. It efficiently lyses S. cerevisiae, S. pombe, as well as yeasts resistant to Zymolyase® treatment such as Ustilago maydis, Phaffia rhodozyma, Cryptococcus albidus. It can prepare various DNA and intracellular enzymes.


Labiase™ Bacterial Cell Lytic Enzymes
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Labiase™ is a wide spectrum bacteriolytic enzyme preparation that efficiently digests walls of many Gm+ bacteria (lactic acid bacterium, hiochi bacterium) and a smaller number of Gm- bacterial strains. Use Labiase™ to lyse bacteria for extraction of DNA or other intracellular components, cell wall structural analysis, or to suppress the growth of certain harmful bacteria.



To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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