Calpain; muscular dystrophy;3D structure; proteolysis; autolysis

Anti P94/calpain 3 polyclonal antibody



Calpain, a Ca2+-requiring cytoplasmic cysteine protease, plays indispensable roles in various cellular functions such as signal transduction, cell growth and differentiation, apoptosis, necrosis, and so on. Although most of the detailed physiological functions of calpains have not yet been elucidated, the importance of calpain is obvious from the increasing numbers of papers describing relationships between human disease states(such as Alzheimer’s disease, cataract, and muscular dystrophies)and malfunction of calpain. One of the recent remarkable topics of calpain is that a single nucleotide polymorphism of CAPN10, the gene for calpain10, is related to type 2 diabetes. However, physiological functions of calpain 10and its relation to diabetes are still unclear. Among 14 human calpain genes, mutations in CAPN3, the gene for p94/calpain 3a and Lp82/calpain 3b, are the only example that genetically connects the calpain gene and human disease, in this case, limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A(LGMD2A). p94 has unique characteristics such as apparent Ca2+-independent activation and very rapid autolytic activity, which are dependent on p94-specific regions, NS, IS1, and IS2. Based on the3D structures of μ- and m-calpain, molecular functions of p94in relation to LGMD2A are discussed, with the hope of providing us with some clues to understand calpain functions and its relationships to human diseases.


Western Blot: `1/500 : Predicted molecular weight: 94 kDa (55kDa+32kDa)

COP_COP080048_01.jpg mock : Extract of expression vector (pSRD) transfected COS cell
WT : Extract of wild type p94 in pSRD transfected COS cell
C129S : Extract of inactive P94:C129S variant in pSRD transfected COS cell

1) Ono, Y., Torii, F., Ojima, K., Doi, N., Yoshioka, K., Kawabata, Y., Labeit, D., Labeit, S., Suzuki, K., Abe, K.,Maeda, T., and Sorimachi, H. (2006) Suppressed disassembly of autolyzing p94/CAPN3 in a genetic reportersystem. J. Biol. Chem., 281, 18519-18531. Fig.2A (anti-pIS2)

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