Super High Sensitivity ATP Detection

Luciferase FM


The determination of ATP concentration in unknown samples by bioluminescence using ATP-dependent luciferase enzymes is a well-established method. Luciferase FM is a genetically modified variant of native North American firefly (photinus pyralis) luciferase generating a luminescence intensity approximately 10 times greater than wild-type enzyme. The increased brightness of Luciferase FM significantly extends the limits of ATP detection in standard assays. Take advantage of Luciferase FM’s superior properties to extend the limits of ATP detection in your lab.

1 mg* Luciferase FM enzyme, lyophilized * 1-10 x 1016 Relative Light Units / mg protein.

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Principle of Luciferase FM ATP detection

Principle of Luciferase FM ATP detection


Improved Luminescence Intensity of Luciferase FM

ATP Standard curve with Luciferase FM


1) Fujii H, Noda K, Asami Y, Kuroda A, Sakata M, Tokida A., Increase in bioluminescence intensity of firefly luciferase using genetic modification. Anal Biochem. 2007 Jul 15; 366 (2): 131-6.

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