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Luciferase FM PLUS


Luciferase FM is a genetically modified variant of native North American firefly (photinus pyralis) luciferase generating a luminescence intensity approximately 10 times greater than the wild type enzyme (see reverse) and thus, ideally suited for high sensitivity ATP detection. The Luciferase FM Plus Reagent Set includes ATP-free water and an optimally formulated lyophilized premix containing Luciferase FM enzyme, luciferin, and buffer salts to deliver the ultimate sensitivity in ATP detection.

Kit contents : 2 x 5 ml Luciferin FM reagent premix, lyophilized. 30 ml AT-free sterile water, ready to use.

Luciferase FM Plus flyer download [PDF]

Principle of Luciferase FM ATP detection

Principle of Luciferase FM ATP detection

Luciferase FM vs. Luciferase FM Plus

Bioluminescence detection of bacteria with Luciferase FM Plus

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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