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Various accesorries are required for procedures to freeze mice sperm. You can chose to hand-make them, or purchase pre-made equipment from us.

Sperm Straws, 10 units, 10 pieces per pack

Sperm Straws

For storage of sperm.

Capacity : 0.25ml,
Size: 10 straws x 10 packs (EOG treated)



Freezing Canister

Freezing Canister

For sperm freezing.

You can make your own by putting together the following components
  Acrylic bar ( 5mm x 5mm x 50cm)
  50mL Disposable syringe
  30mm thick Styrofoam block (that fits in the end of the syringe)
Fix the syringe to the acrylic bar at two locations. The tip of the syringe should also be heat-sealed.

You can also chose to purchase a pre-made Freezing Canister from us. 

Dimension F Acrylic bar F5mm x 5mm x 500mm,
Syringe Volume  : 50mL (Heat sealed)
Total Height : 505mm



Straw Connector ( 5 parts included)

Straw Connector


Silicone cap, Plastic tube, Silicone tube,
3-way stopcock and 1mL syringe

*The Straw Connector does not include
Sperm Straws (Cat#KYD-S020X10)


Straw Connector



Triangular Cassette Short (10units)

Triangular Cassette Short (10units)

Dimension : 17 x 17 x 17 x 140 mm,
knob part for easy handling in LN2 :  8mm



Triangular Cassette Long (10units)

Triangular Cassette Long (10units)

Dimension : 17 x 17 x 17 x 270 mm,
knob part for easy handling in LN2:  8mm



Embryo Manipulation Instrument Set

◊Capillary (20 sticks contained, length 8-10cm)
◊Glass Pasteur (containing cotton plug for pollution prevention)
◊Silicon tube (60cm)
◊Mouse piece

Glass capillary 20PC

Components:Capillary (20 sticks contained, length 8-10cm)


Touch Burner APT-3


Small and compact APT Touch Burner does not require a gas hose. Burner can also stay “on” continuously. Flame is adjustable enabling use of the burner for a variety of tasks.

More    Go to Product Page of Touch Burner

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Sperm Straws (10 Pieces x 10 Units) ,


10 PC ¥7,500

Freezing Canister ,


1 UNIT ¥4,300

Straw Connector ,


1 PC ¥1,700

Triangular Cassette Short (10units) ,


10 UNIT ¥12,200

Triangular Cassette Long (10units) ,


10 UNIT ¥16,500

Embryo manipulation instrument set ,


1 SET ¥5,600

Glass capillary 20PC ,


1 SET ¥4,900

Touch Burner APT-3 DataSheet ,


1 UNIT ¥27,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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