For simultaneous detection of various antibiotics remaining in meat and fish

New Quinolone ELISA kit



Antibiotics have been widely used to reduce bacterial  infection, and continuos administration of antibiotics  show increased survival of the bacteria.This phenomenon  is of potential medical significance since tolerance causes  failures and facilitates antibiotic  resistance. Antibiotics have also been used in  stockbreeding and fisheries.The antibiotics remaining in meat and fish are ingested by humans, and development of antibiotic resistance is accelerated. Among various  antibiotics, new quinolones have broad antibiotic spectra  and a wide variety of derivatives have been developed  and used. Contamination of new quinolones causes problems. This kit is simple and easy to use for simultaneous detection of various antibiotics remaining in meat and fish.

Feature and Advantages

™ Specific to NewQuinolone ---Does not crossreact to sulfonamide

™ High Sensitivity (0.001ppm)

™ Resistant to 50“ MeOH

™ Saves time (approximately 1 hour) --- High quantitative performance

EAssay range : 0.41|300 ng/mL
E40 samples can be measured with duplicates
EMicrotiter plate is divisible strip, 96wells (12 strips, 8 wells)
ESampling volume is 50μL
ETotal reaction time is 1 hr &10 minutes.
EStore at 2-8Ž.The kit is stable for 6 month after date of manufacture.
Cross reactivity to other antimicrobial
Enrofloxacin 100% Cinoxacin 18% Nalidixic acid 0.9%
Norfloxacin 100% Sarafloxacin 16% Nitoroflazone <0.02%
Ciprofloxacin 100% Oxolinic acid 5% Sulfadimethxine <0.02%
Danofloxacin 80% Flumequin 1.4%    
Enoxacin 20% Ofloxacin 1.4%    

< Specificity >
The kit is specific for new quinolones and its derivatives, and does not cross reacts with sulfa drugs nor nitrofurans (see Basic Capability).

< Assay Principle >
The ELISA kit adopts direct competitive reaction recognizing the basic components in common with new quinolones and its derivatives. The capture antibodies are coated on the surface of a 96 well plate, onto which HRP-labeled new quinolone, anti-new quinolone antibody and Enrofloxacin antibacterial agents or objects to be measured are overlaid at once. Measuring HRP activity in the complex yields concentration of new quinolone in the object to be measured.


A. Antigen coated 96well plate 96well plate 1 plate Capture antibody
B. New quinolone standard B0-B7 at each
Concentration per vial
8 vials 50%Methanol containing Enrofloxacin
C. Enzyme conjugate solution 60 uL 1 vial HRP-labeled Newquinolone
D. Enzyme conjugate
solution diluent
6 mL 1 vial Phosphate buffered saline
E. Antibody solution 6 mL 1 vial Phosphate buffered saline containing Anti Newquinolone Antibody
F. Substrate for enzymes 12 mL 1 vial 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbe nzidine (TMB)
G. Stop solution 6 mL 1 vial ‚PN H2SO4
H. Concentrated washing solution 50 mL 1 vial phosphate buffered saline containing Tween20
J. Plate seal   1 sheet  
Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

BroadCheck New Quinolone kit Ver.2.0 DataSheet ,


1 KIT ¥65,000

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

BroadCheck Metallothionein kit DataSheet ,


1 KIT ¥168,000

BroadCheck New Quinolone kit Ver.2.0 DataSheet ,


1 KIT ¥65,000

BroadCheck Deoxynivalenol kit DataSheet ,


1 KIT ¥84,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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