Hybri-bag Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Question What is the thicknesses of constituing films - Nylon and Polyethylene?                              
Answer The thickness superimposed with Nylon and Plyethylene is 65um±10%.                                         
Question What types of polymers are used? - Nylon 6, Nylon 66 or some else; PEHD, PELD or some else;
Nylon: Nylon 6
Polyethylene: Linear Low Density Polyethylene (a kind of PELD)
Nylon: Nylon 6 Polyethylene: Linear Low Density Polyethylene (a kind of PELD)
Question Are there any additives to these polymers - antioxidants, catalysts, silicones (in particular)?
Answer Both Nylon and Polyethylene contain additives such as antioxidant or slip agent.
Question Is there shelf life for the Hybri-bag?
Answer There is no shelf life for the Hybri-bags. This product has a hygroscopic property, thus keeping it in a dry place is more preferable.
Question I would like to use the bags with low oxygen concentration in the bag. How is the air permeability of the bags?               
Answer Unfortunately, we do not have any information available regarding air permeability. However, we do have the product below available. Oxygen Absorber System http://www.cosmobio.co.jp/export_e/products/detail/oxygen_absorber.asp?entry_id=13409
Question What is the thickness of the bags?                                                                                             

Hard Type: 97μimicronsj±10

Hard Grid Type: 97μimicronsj±10

Soft Type: 65μimicronsj±10                                                                                                        

Question Hybri-bags can tolerate temperature of 80. Will they hybri-bags be ok if immersed in a 80 waterbath for 16 hours?
Answer Soft TypeIt shouldn't be a problem.  Hard TypeCan tolerate up to 120
Question Are there any additives?
Answer Plyethylene contains addtives such as  antioxidants and slip agents. When using hybri-bags for experiments, you can autoclave the bags or use RNAse and DNA eliminating reagents (or sheets). Currently we have no heard that the addtives can interfere with the experiment. 
Question Are they able to tolerate liquid nitrogen?

Hybribag Hard Type: 

Material 1F-40 `85

Material 2F-20 `130

Hybribag Soft Type: 

Material 1F-40 `85

Material 2F-40 `80

Material 3F-40`90 

With above specifications of materials composing the hybri-bags, we assume that the bags may not be able to tolerate liquid nitrogen which is about -196.

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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