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A Compact Horizontal Electrophoresis System

i-MyRun II Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System


Cosmo Bio has launched a new model of a compact horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis for running nucleic acid samples!

The gel format is identical to the former “i-MyRun.N.”
The traditional mini gel can also be used.

Not only gel tray but also electrophoresis tank of i-MyRun II is ultraviolet (UV) transparent. The electrophoresis status can be viewed using a UV transillumi nator even during its operation (with Blue LED illuminator and applicable dyeing reagent). The power supply and gel electrophoresis tank are integrated to provide a safety use.

Recommended with confidence, innovative design and an affordable price. !

CE marking approved and applying for UL, Patent applied



i-MyRun II Flyer

i-MyRun II Flyer


User-friendly interface. Simple touch operation for voltage adjustment.
  Select 50, 75, 100, 120 or 135 V.
  Set to 0-99 minutes or continuous operation.


Gel electrophoresis tank has grids that
support mini gel usage.

Run a maximum of 156 samples 
Gel tank also has grids that support mini gel usage.


Power will not turn on unless connected to tank with lid on.


Power supply can be easily detached from gel electrophoresis tank by lifting it up at an angle (as shown in picture above).


Feature and Advantages

 Compact, space-saving design.
 UV-transparent tank and gel tray
 Detachable integrated power supply
 Fanless Silent power supply
 Multiple voltage settings (50, 75, 100, 120, or 135V) Timed (0-99 minutes) or continuous operation 
 Flexible gel casting system included. 
 Up to 156 samples on a single gel 
 Multichannel pipette compatible Mini-gel support (requires additional purchase)
 High Temperature Resistance Gel Casting System is INCLUDED

High Level of visibility for voltage display




Kit component

Gel electrophoresis tank
Format High-throughput (156 samples can be loaded)
Sample loading format 8 and 12 channel pipettes can be used
Cover design Slotted migration camber lid
Migration Distance

1.8 cm or 2.75 cm
In the case of High-throughput

Sample loading size 9 μL (26 well) or 18 μL (13 well)
Dimentions 160 (W) × 212 (L) × 58 (H) mm
Gel Casting System
Gel size 124 (W)×120 (L) mm
Loading Volume 26 well, 9 μL
13 well, 18 μL
Maximum sample numbers 26 well × 6 rows  156 samples
Power Supply
Dimentions 219 (W) × 90 (L) × 68 (H) mm
Output voltage DC 50, 75, 100, 120, 135 V
Input voltage AC 100 - 240 V@50/60 Hz
Timer Setting 0 - 99 min (by minute)


ComponentsF Gel electrophoresis tank
Gel electrophoresis tank lid
Power supply
Power cable
Gel casting tray
Gel casting stand
Instruction Manual

EGel electrophoresis tank
EGel electrophoresis tank lid
EPower supply
EPower cable
EGel casting system
ECombs (x6)
EInstruction Manual


i-MyRun II manual PDF



Old Version

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

i-MyRun II Electrophoresis System DataSheet ,


1 UNIT ¥55,000

i-MyRun II Parts and Accessories

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

i-MyRun II power supply DataSheet ,


1 SET ¥38,000

i-MyRun II power cable DataSheet ,


1 PC ¥2,000

i-MyRun II electrophoresis tank (tank & lid) DataSheet ,


1 SET ¥24,000

i-MyRun II lid DataSheet ,


1 PC ¥2,000

i-MyRun II gel casting system(gel casting tray base comb) DataSheet ,


1 SET ¥4,500

i-MyRun II gel casting tray DataSheet ,


1 PC ¥2,500

i-MyRun II Accessories (For Mini-gel ¦Gel Casting Tray L / S is not for UV transmitting)

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Gel Casting System for i-MyRun II ,


1 SET ¥8,000

Gel Casting Tray(L) for I-MyRun II ,


1 PC ¥2,800

Gel Casting Tray(S) for i-MyRun II ,


1 PC ¥2,600

Gel Casting Stand for i-MyRun II ,


1 SET ¥5,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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