useful tool for three dimensional culture and research of tissue engineering as 3D scaffold

Atelocollagen sponge [ MIGHTY ]



Atelocollagen sponge MIGHTY consists primarily of type I atelocollagen derived from bovine dermis and is strong enough to withstand compressive loading of up to 30kPa (single time).
Culturing cells in MIGHTY under cyclic compressive loading (cyclic load of 10 to 20kPa) provides more in vivo-like environment to evaluate cell function. MIGHTY is also applicable as a scaffold for conventional 3D cell culture.

Characteristics of Atelocollagen FAQ
Atelocollagen is a collagen solubilized by protease, but its physical properties are virtually identical to those of natural, unsolubilized collagen. Furthermore, atelocollagen additionally has superior characteristics;----- More

AteloCell® MIGHTY flyer download [PDF]

AteloCell® flyer download [PDF]

Feature and Advantages

Made from highly purified type I atelocollagen derived from bovine dermis.
Type I collagen is a major extracellular matrix and provides a scaffold for cultured cells.
Stands well to cyclic compression loading (repeated 10-20kPa load) and maintains constant strength.
Applicable to a scaffold for three dimensional culture
Suitable for 96-well plate


1) Muroi Y, et al. Effects of compressive loading on human synovium-derived cells. (2007) J Dent Res. 86(8):786-791.

2) Akamine Y, et al. Prolonged matrix metalloproteinase-3 high expression after cyclic compressive load on human synovial cells in three-dimensional cultured tissue. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. (2012) Jan 19.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Atelocollagen sponge Mighty 25pcs DataSheet ,


25 PC ¥51,700

Atelocollagen sponge Mighty 50pcs DataSheet ,


50 PC ¥67,900

Pore size : 100 – 200 μm
Size :  φ 4. 3 - 4.7 mm × 2.6 - 3.4 mm, Sterile
These measurements are under dry condition This product can be expanded to approximately 5 mm (diameter) and 3 mm (hight) under wet condition.

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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