Measuring L-glutamine removing effect of L-glutamate acid!

L-Glutamine Assay Kit


This product is a measurement kit of L-glutamine using L-glutamate acid oxidation enzyme 1). Even if L-glutamine coexists with L-glutamate acid in a sample, it can specifically assay only L-glutamine. In addition, it can assay L-glutamine by the operation that is simpler than a method with L-glutamate acid dehydrogenase. All the necessary reagents are set, and a cage, R1 enzyme reagent liquid and the R2 enzyme reagent liquid are in condition to be usable immediately.


Assay principle

When adding R1 enzyme reagent liquid in a sample, L-glutamate is oxidized by the action of the L-glutamate acid oxidation enzyme and produces hydrogen peroxide. Because hydrogen peroxide is disintegrated by the action of the catalase, L-glutamate acid included in in a sample is removed. L-glutamine in a sample is broken down into L-glutamate acid by action of the glutaminase. Next, when adding R2 enzyme reagent liquid , L-glutamate acid is oxidized by the action of the L-glutamate acid oxidation enzyme, and produces hydrogen peroxide. As for produced hydrogen peroxide, a purple pigment is generated by a reaction of a color development substrate and peroxidase. From this purple absorbance (555nm), it assay L-glutamine density in a sample. In addition, the catalase deactivates it by sodium azide just after R2 enzyme reagent liquid addition promptly.

Fig.1: L-glutamine calibration curve
It can measure L-glutamine in the range of 10-1500 mg/L.



Result of  L-glutamine solution measurement adding L-glutamate acid

Kit component

◊ R1 enzyme reagent liquid:  1 vial, 30mL
◊ R2 enzyme reagent liquid:  1 vial,  30mL
◊ L-glutamine standard solution: 1 vial (lyophilized)


Arima J et al., J Biochem 134, 805-812, 2003

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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