For storage of easily oxidized substances

Oxygen Absorber System



Oxygen sometimes will have an adverse effect on items used for research and research itself. When such concerns exist, try the oxygen absorption system.

Removal of oxygen can avoid oxidation (rust) and the occurrence of mold. The Oxygen Absorber System consists of oxygen absorbing agents: storage bags and sealing clips.


œ For storage of vitamins, antibiotics, and unsaturated fatty acids which easily oxidize.
œ To prevent mold growing on animal and plant-derived reagents and samples, and damage by insects.
œTo prevent deactivation of enzymes.
œ To maintain amount of bacteria for Lactobacillus preparation and anaerobic bacteria formulation.
œ To prevent rusting of oxide electrodes and medical instruments.
œ To prevent oxidation of electronic materials and components.
œ For storage and transport of anaerobic samples.
œ For storage of substances that will easily oxidize.
œ For removal of residual oxygen, such as after nitrogen gas replacement.
œ For removal of oxygen which has leaked or is remaining in a glove box (ISO-A-2500HS).

Feature and Advantages

œ Unlike the oxygen for food preservation , the oxygen absorption rate is high. A high quality oxygen-free state can be established.
œ Removes causes of oxidation such as mold, allowing an oxygen-free atmosphere to be maintained.
œ Presence of an oxygen indicator allows easy indication to detect presence of oxygen.
œ A high quality oxygen-free condition can be obtained compared to nitrogen gas replacement, and vacuum sealers. (Oxygen concentration: Less than 0.1%)
œ Usage anyway with individual wrappings with aluminum laminated bags.

Product List

Oxygen Absorber Set

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

oxygen absorber & desiccant system DataSheet ,


1 SET ¥17,000

oxygen absorber set DataSheet ,


1 SET ¥10,000

Set Components:

Oxygen Absorber (ISO-A-750HS)×50 Units Zeolite Dessicant (ISO-AZ10G)×25 Units Stock bags 150×220mm(AP-1522)×25 pieces Stock bags 180×260mm (IAP-1826)×25 pieces Sealing Clips 150mm (CL-15)×2 pieces, Sealing Clips 210mm (CL-21)×2 pieces

Oxygen Absorber (ISO-A-500HS) x 50 Units High barrier Stock bags (AP-1826) x 25 pieces High barrier Stock bags (AP-1522) x 25 pieces Sealing Clips (ISO-CL-21) x 2 pieces

Oxygen Absorber

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

oxygen absorber A-500HS DataSheet ,


100 PC ¥11,000

oxygen absorber A-750HS ,


100 PC ¥13,000

oxygen absorber A-2500HS ,


50 PC ¥11,000

High Barrier Stock Bags and Sealing Clips

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

High-barrier Stock bag AP-1522 ,


1 SET ¥5,000

High-barrier Stock bag AP-1826 ,


1 SET ¥6,000

Clip CL-15 ,


1 SET ¥4,000

Clip CL-21 ,


1 SET ¥5,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.