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BAT10 is preadipocyte isolated from rat brown adipose tissue. Adipose tissue plays an important role in mammalian energy equilibrium not only as a lipid-dissipating. White adipose tissue mainly has energy-storing function, but brown adipose tissue has very different function as energy-dissipating due to a unique mitochondrial uncoupling protein (UCP).

Brown adipose tissue is especially abundant in newborns and in hibernating mammals. Its primary function is to generate body heat in animals or newborns that do not shiver. In contrast to white adipocyte, which contain a single lipid droplet, brown adipocyte contain numerous smaller droplets and a much higher number of mitochondria, which contain iron and make it brown. Brown fat also contains more capillaries than white fat, since it has a greater need for oxygen than most tissues

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Features & Usage

Comparion of UCP-1 gene expression between BAT and 3T3-L1
The UCP-1 gene expression of BAT which accumulated intracellular lipid droplets was examined using RT-PCR. The UCP-1 gene expression of BAT increased when stimulated by 1uM norepinephrine.


<UCP-1 gene expression in BAT and 3T3-L1 using RT-PCR>

Experiment example

E Search for obesity, diabetic, high blood pressure, and drug for arteriosclerosis
E Development of preventive food of lifestyle-related disease
E Functional test of antiobestic functional food
E Lipid metabolic experiment
E Thermal energy release experiment
E Function clarification of Brown Adipocyte
E Screening of new β3 agonist


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