A Ready-to-use "Preset" Plate available in 2 sizes, 6-well and 24-well plates.

VECELL®  Preset Plates


The VECELL® Inserts are set sterile in the wells of the plates and immediate seeding of cells is possible.
Plates can be purchased individually and in packs of 10.




Feature and Advantages

 Ready to Use. VECELL® Inserts are "pre-sent in the wells of the platei6-well/24-well). The plates can be used immediately.
 The VECELL® Insert has high membrane porosity and allows cell growth in a condition closer to an in vivo conditions.
 The medium freely penetrates through the VECELL® porous membrane, allowing individual cells to be in contact with the medium like in vivo conditions.
 The VECELL® porous membrane becomes transparent when wet with medium, allowing microscopic observation of cells. The porous membrane can also be cut out easily and sections can be photographed.

The VECELL Insert

VECELL®3D Cell Culture plates have membranes on the bottom of the wells with a porous structure. The membrane, referred to as the VECELL® Insert consists of ePTFE fibers modified with an amphiphilic polymer and collagen which enhances cell attachment and proliferation.


Fig 1. Culture Membrane of VECELL® Plates 
Scanning electron micrograph of the surface of the porous membrane

Fiber length 10-50 μm
Width Between the fibers   2-5 μm
Thickness of the membrane      50-70 μm
Porosity of membrane 90%


Fig 2. Culturing on VECELL® membrane
Compared to culturing on conventional plastic dishes where cells strech out due to insufficient oxygen supply, cells grow and proliferate in a more similar way to when they do in an in vivo environment. 



Fig 3. Comparison of culture of gum cells
Culture was carried out on VECELL®(left) and a regular plastic dish(right).  Periodontal tissue, one of the relatively difficult-to-culture type of tissue was sucessfully grown with high ALP activity with VECELL®.

Day 3 of Culture    

Day 26 of Culture


Fig 4. Cell growth very close to that of a monolayer culture is observed with VECELL®.  Membrane culturing allows sectioning and close observation of the cell and ECM layer.


Vecell® Series
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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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