Human Collagen Type I


Natural form of human type 1 atlo-collagen derived from nomal human fibroblast cell culture. It is not recombinant but naturally occurring type.

Concentration 1mg/mL
Purity Single band in SDS-PAGE
Content: Not less than 98 %
Product Code/Amount EC1-R105/0.1mg

Feature and Advantages

Soluble collagen released in the culture conditioned medium.
Only two bands of α1 and α2 chains are detected in a electrophoresis. It doesn't contain β and γ chains.

yAbout β and γ chainsz Collagen molecules consist of two α1 chains and one α2 chain and form a triple helix structure. When a tissue-extracted collagen sample is applied to SDS-PAGE, several bands representing binding of α chains to β and γ chains can be detected in addition to the bands representing α1 chain and α2 chain. Our collagen product does not contain β and γ chains.

Amino Acid Analysis

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Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Collagen type 1 (Atelo-collagen), Human DataSheet


0.1 ML ¥20,000

Collagen type 1 (Atelo-collagen), Human DataSheet


0.5 ML ¥50,000

Human collagen type1 ELISA KIT
This kit is designed to quantify collagen in various sources such as cell media, ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) of culture cell and tissue because the kit detects atelo-collagen which is prepared by pepsin digestion.

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Collagen type 1, ELISA, Human DataSheet



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